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41 Club year 2002 - 2003


April Lots of noise, wine, beer, and fellowship. Reports were made, Officers were inducted, badges of office moved on. President Carl showed us all an excellent Powerpoint presentation of the past years events. The meeting managed to run into a second day, finishing at some time between 1 and 2 am.Click here for the pictures



May The speaker, Mike Bolton, is the governor of Shrewsbury Gaol and spoke candidly on all aspects of the life of a prison governor, the inmates and prison staff and so fascinated his audience that questions afterward kept him there until nearly half past eleven! Click here for the pictures The webmaster also gave a report on his trip to Rimini to attend the Italian Club 41 AGM, this report was enhanced by the bottle of Grappa he passed around! Click here for the pictures Other business kept the meeting going till 12.20 am


June England is at peace and all is right with the world! In the shadow of Cholmondeley Castle, on the ancient turf that has seen so much of the history of the venerable game, at a time of day when the sun was gently sinking behind the Bickerton hills and the cool westerly wind was dying, on a ground that was voted the most beautiful in all Cheshire, the annual cricket match, for the 'Day' trophy, took place between Table and 41.

Such was the tension, such was the passion that over thirty men turned out to see fair play and honour done. 41 won the toss and elected to bat. The opening pair, giant like, strode to the crease and within five overs had knocked 50. Ten more overs followed and by the end 41 were a magnificent 109 for 5.

Table were in, a slow start but then their confidence seemed bolstered as John Arthen dropped the simplest of catches! At 65 for 7, chairman of Table Mike 'Ratty' Ratcliffe was next in, the long walk out to the crease gave him time to take in the cunning lie of the 41 field, calling for "middle and off" from his partner Ratty took guard, his one good eye glinting in the last rays of the evening sunshine, Tim Everson, bowling from the castle end, started his run, his medium paced attack had kept Table in check for most of the innings. Ratty, his one eye locked on the ball swung his bat, the ball passed both Ratty and his bat before going on to demolish his wicket, Ratty was left with that long walk back to the pavilion, his duck seemed to take what little steam remained out of Table who after their allotted 15 overs were held to 77 for 9, the honours going to 41.

There was food and ale aplenty in the clubhouse, trophies were presented and speeches made. The raffle was drawn and more ale consumed before the contented teams started to drift homeward. Such memorable evenings are few and far between; they must be cherished and reminisced over until they are locked in the folklore of Tabling for ever! Click here for the pictures


July What a sight! none of us (with the exception of Phil Larkum and Ray White) had a clue. After much pain and about an hours tuition from some very patient tutors we were call able to manage a trot of varying qualities completely unaided.
Meal and ale at the Admiral Duncan and a set up raffle where Phil Leigh won a bottle of animal repellent spray (have you seen the wound?) Click here for the pictures
(Compiled by Dave Prince in the absence of the Webmaster)
Camerata On what must have been the almost perfect evening an estimated crowd of some twelve thousand attended the Manchester Camerata concert at Cholmondeley Castle, elaborate picnics, silver candelabra, fine wines and epicure food all contributed to a fabulous evening of music and fireworks. Not strictly a 41 night but the crowd we went with were all from the club. Pictures

August We were all invited up to Ray Whites farm on the Nantwich road were we were treated to an evening of clay pigeon shooting, carp fishing and a trip round the rearing sheds were Ray had that day installed 35,000 day old chicks, the whole evening was rounded off with a fish chip and beer supper, great night. Pictures














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