The History of
Whitchurch Rotary Club
1938 - 2008

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Visitors Welcome

We meet in the Dodington Lodge Hotel every 1st & 3rd Tuesday evening at 6:30pm for Dinner, every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 12:45pm for lunch, and if there's a 5th Tuesday, we meet at 7:00am for Breakfast. Visitors are welcome.

Presidents of Whitchurch Rotary Club


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PRESIDENT 2001/2002

Born and educated at Whitchurch Secondary Modern School, leaving at age 15 to commence an apprenticeship at G Blackhurst Garage, Wrexham Road. On completion of his apprenticeship he was made workshop manager in 1967. In 1977 He formed a limited Co and created Wrexham Road Garage Ltd with Geoff Blackhurst to be joined by Geoff's son David when he completed his apprenticeship at Rolls Royce in Crewe. The company had a long association with Renault and for two years Peter was president of the Renault Dealers Association, negotiating direct with Renault and the main dealer council on behalf of members and organising meetings all over the country. In 2002/03 wanting to expand the business the decision was taken to move to a new workshop on Shakespeare Way and this was achieved in November 2005. Member of the local photographic Society for over 20 years, including the presidency, now a video photographer on a small scale, one time guitarist in a teen-age pop group and turned the full circle being recently nominated vice chairman of the Town Band. Enthusiastic soccer player in his twenties, he retains a keen interest in the sport. Heavily involved in Rotary activities he was one of the founders of the Safety Scene and took the lead in organising an annual autumn trip usually to Stapeley Water Gardens for sixty plus residents of local nursing homes.
Joined Rotary 13/9/1994. Resigned in 2007
His wife, Inner Wheel President 1997/98.