The History of
Whitchurch Rotary Club
1938 - 2008

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Visitors Welcome

We meet in the Dodington Lodge Hotel every 1st & 3rd Tuesday evening at 6:30pm for Dinner, every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 12:45pm for lunch, and if there's a 5th Tuesday, we meet at 7:00am for Breakfast. Visitors are welcome.

Presidents of Whitchurch Rotary Club


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PRESIDENT 1974/75 and 1988/89

Ken was born and educated in Liverpool and in 1942 volunteered for Flying duties in the RAF, navigating Lancaster bombers 1944 to 1947. In 1954 he moved to Malpas to take over the Malpas Dairy business, which he rapidly expanded to include the delivery of other products, including frozen foods. In 1958 he opened the Malpas Frozen Foods which embraced a distribution area over a 50 mile radius. In 1971 this company merged with Morcream to form the Everfresh firm and Ken remained as Managing Director until his retirement in the 1984, when the business was acquired by a larger group. Keenly supportive of all local and charitable activities he maintained a practical interest in sport, travel, walking, gardening. Due to a personal interest he was strongly supportive of the Spastic Society and now of Age Concern. In Rotary since 1968 he enjoyed particularly the Christmas Float, May Concert, various Outings and hosting Group Study Exchange members. In 1976 he and his wife, Stella, joined George and Joan Harris, Len and Millie Bowen, Jim and Helen Mitchell in a five week Rotary trip to South Africa, instigated by the Benoni van Ryan club. He revisited this club in 1984/85 and maintained his links with them until 2004. He became only the third Rotarian to serve as president for two terms, when he officiated during the club's golden jubilee celebrations.
Joined Rotary 26/11/68. Secretary 1978/82. Wife President Inner Wheel 1981/82, 1988/89; Secretary 1976/79.

Pres Ken Taylor with members in the Golden Jubilee Year 1988