The History of
Whitchurch Rotary Club
1938 - 2008

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Visitors Welcome

We meet in the Dodington Lodge Hotel every 1st & 3rd Tuesday evening at 6:30pm for Dinner, every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 12:45pm for lunch, and if there's a 5th Tuesday, we meet at 7:00am for Breakfast. Visitors are welcome.

Presidents of Whitchurch Rotary Club


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Frank Clayton was for 28 years clerk to the former Whitchurch UDC before his retirement in 1963. During this period he was responsible for introducing countless schemes for improving the town's amenities. He was also clerk to the Joint Cemetery Board, the local ambulance committee, Brown Moss management and the town's library and museum committees. During the second world war he was local food control and billeting officer - a massive task during these times with evacuees etc., to cope with. In the 14-18 war he was a sergeant major and later became a founder member of the local British Legion. An all round sportsman he played soccer for the Whitchurch Comrades and Amateurs and cricket for the town.. Chairman and member of many public bodies including that of the Secondary Modern school and sang in the church choir as a youngster. In the early days of Rotary's Christmas dinners, parcels and various outings, he was natural choice for sorting out the recipients- once being told that 'I certainly should be included as I have paid into IT for years !'
He joined Rotary 5/11/1946. Died 23/9/1975, aged 77 years. His wife President Inner Wheel, 1955/56.