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Grindley Brook locks are usually thought of as the three lock staircase but the name includes the three locks below the staircase. It is these locks that are locally thought to be the most attractive, with the area around the bottom lock the most attractive of all.

The famous staircase lock needs extra care when navigating through.

Thousands of boats manage it each year so there is nothing to worry about just read the instructions at the top or bottom of the lock and keep your wits about you.>

At busy times there can be delays. To operate the locks efficiently and make things fair for all concerned the general rule when boats are waiting is three boats in each direction.

Below are diagrams on how the locks should be set for locking up or down, a simple rule of thumb is that no matter what direction you are travelling in the first chamber should always be 'with you' i.e. ready for you to enter,and the rest of the chambers should be 'against you' i.e. empty when going down hill or full when going up hill.

To help you plan your journey we have included on the next page tables that will help you avoid the busiest times of the year or busiest times of the week. Delays at peak times are inevitable.