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Visit by BBC TV's Two Fat Ladies

The Two Fat Ladies arive on their motorbike and learn to operate a lock!

Jennifer Patterson

We were sorry to hear of the death recently of Jennifer Patterson, she and Clarissa were very kind and considerate to my daughter Jane who took the photographs that you see here. She was a typically British celebrity and the world is a sadder and less interesting place for her passing. D.H.

The quirky duo from BBC TV's 'Two Fat Ladies', Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson-Wright have been in Grindley Brook recently filming an episode of their show to be transmitted this autumn. The pair cooked up a meal of Burnett's Woodcock, Hopping John (a dish with black beans and soused herrings with sour cream) and Quercyan apple cake for lockkeeper Les Molyneux and his retired dad George.

Les give Jennifer a kiss!

Above Les says thank you to Jennifer

Below: Jennifer and Clarissa admire Les's smart new uniform.
We've never seen him look so tidy!